The visit of Nino Goguadze and Irine Pruidze to USA

10 Dec 2018
The visit of Nino Goguadze and Irine Pruidze to USA

The First Deputy Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Nino Goguadze and the First Deputy Chair of the EU Integration Committee, Irine Pruidze served the visit to USA and held the meetings with the Congressmen and the executive authorities, as well as the Research and Budget Offices of the Congress, local and international organizations, including the Congressmen David Price, Peter Roskam, Susan Davis, Gwen Moore, the IRI President Daniel Twining, NED President Carl Gershman etc. to discuss Georgia-USA strategic cooperation, US support to territorial integrity of Georgia and non-recognition policy.

The parties also touched upon economic and trade relations. Georgian MPs spoke about capacity building of the Parliament on the basis of the new Constitution: “All meetings with our strategic partners result in enhancement of cooperation. At the meetings we discussed women participation in economic activity which is directly related to enhancement of economic processes in the country. The Gender Equality Council works on this process and support of US institutions will further intensify this process”, - N. Goguadze noted.

According to I. Pruidze, USA is a strategic partner to Georgia: “US intact support to political and economic development of Georgia is expressed in various projects. Enhancement and diversification of our cooperation needs stronger links between Georgian Parliament and US Congress. We held the interesting discussions on capacity building of the Parliament, women participation in political and economic activities and sustainable development of the country”.

The visit is supported by IRI and US Congress House Democracy Partnership.