Role of women in history of Georgian Parliamentarism

11 Mar 2019
Role of women in history of Georgian Parliamentarism

Within the 100th anniversary of Georgian Parliamentarism, Niko Pirosmani Museum in Mirzaani hosts the meeting of women MPs of all convocations.

The women politicians overviewed the centennial period of Georgian Parliamentarism and spoke about role and engagement of women in politics.

The Chair of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Mariam Jashi addressed the attendees: “Various events are being held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Parliamentarism countrywide and beyond in educational, cultural and other institutions. Today, we visit Mirzaani, Niko Pirosmani Museum to meet women Parliamentarians of all times. I am glad to have this opportunity and speak about political participation of women during the last century and the unique tradition based on participation of women. Naturally, the challenges linger and we shall at maximal extent increase the political participation of women in the Parliament. I believe this goal will be gradually achieved”.

Other women parliamentarians also delivered the speeches and spoke about importance of activity of women parliamentarians in the first Constituent Assembly. “It is the greatest responsibility to realize that history of Georgian Parliamentarism counts 100 years. Thus, this even is particularly important as in 1919, the number of women in the Parliament was high and those women were fighting for independence and welfare of the country”, - the MP of the 8th Term, Eliso Chapidze noted.

The meeting in Mirzaani was organized by the Member of Parliament of 1995-2003, representative of the National Heritage Preservation Agency, Dali Abashidze. “Georgia is outstanding in this regards as well that when the women in the world were deprived of the rights, we had 5 women in the Parliament and when women are in the politics, it creates quite different milieu because women are mothers and wives and politics needs their skills. I believe we still have much to do ahead to make women establish their dignified place in the society and politics and it will strongly advance Georgia and bring various benefits