title The Permanent Parliamentary Ge... 05 Aug 2020

Guguli Magradze: the Action Plans of all Parliamentary Committees shall reflect...

title News 06 Aril 2020

The Parliamentary Gender Equality Council to develop the Gender Analysis on...

title Women in Parliament 06 Dec 2019

MP Guguli Magradze delivering the Report at the International Conference

title News 05 Nov 2019

Meeting of Members of Parliament's Gender Equality Council with Kyrgyz MPs

title News 23 Oct 2019

The meeting of Nino Tsilosani with the Non-Resident Ambassador of Iceland, H.E....

title Education and Science Committe... 19 Oct 2019

Guguli Maghradze: The anti-discrimination law adopted by the Parliament was a...

title News 17 Oct 2019

Tamar Chugoshvili: If female economic activity in Georgia equals male economic...

title The Permanent Parliamentary Ge... 26 Sep 2019

Presentation of Reports by Thematic Inquiry Groups of Gender Equality Council

title News 15 Sep 2019

The field meeting of the Gender Equality Council with the Parliamentary media

title The Permanent Parliamentary Ge... 11 Sep 2019

Tamar Chugoshvili: I would like the representation of women in the local...