The sitting of the Faction “Georgian Dream”

22 Feb 2021
The sitting of the Faction “Georgian Dream”

The Faction discussed the Governmental Program “Building the European State” for 2021-2024 and the Cabinet of Ministers nominated for the vote of confidence.

According to the Chair of the Faction, Mamuka Mdinaradze, the Parliament was discussing the candidates for 2 days. Prior to the consideration of the candidates at the plenary session, MPs will once again hear the reports within the Faction format.

The candidate for the Prime Minister, Irakli Garibashvili introduced the Governmental program directions and the priorities. “I am honored to report to you about my vision and the vision of the Governmental team. For 2 days, each candidate reported to the Parliament. Being nominated for the Prime Minister, I will have the opportunity if approved to use 100 days and formulate my vision and introduce them to the program after consultations with the Governmental team. Today, I introduce general presentation and theses about addressing the crisis”.

He overviewed the recent history of Georgia and dwelt on the measures undertaken by the Government since 2012: “The first tangible outcomes of the Elections 2012 was the de-politicization of the state institutions and liberation of people from pressure and torture. Important steps have been taken for improvement of economy, in healthcare, education systems, as well as the social equality and development of the army and police. We can speak about the deeds and activities of the Georgian Dream for a long time but the attitude of people towards our party was better evidenced at the elections. For the first time in our history, the political party was with the third time elected but today, I am not here to demonstrate the contrast between the ideology of our opponents and our achievements. I delivered this introduction to once again recall the way we have been through the global pandemic and unprecedented crisis. So, until we determine further steps, we need to realize where we are today and how we came to this reality”.

He dwelt on the developments in the country and estimated the attempts of destabilization as the actions undermining the country.

We need to remind ourselves that we remain in the vicious circle for 30 years. Today, I mentioned the word breakthrough, which was not achieved. We witnessed the facade renovations and reforms during the preceding Government and the attempts of destabilization they continue are to undermine the country. I believe, first of all, we need to destruct those façade myths impeding our development for decades – these myths are the weak state, envisaging that the state shall not interfere with the economy and some invisible hand will regulate the markets. I mean that the current context in the world is an unprecedented fact of uncontrolled flows and neither Europe nor America have taken this way for development. I believe, that the development of the economy is the key priority for the country as it creates the basis for the progress”.

He mentioned the importance of constructive dialogue with the opposition. “If a healthy part of the opposition finds courage and reasonability, as well as the state thinking for such labor, I will welcome the dialogue. Naturally, I do not mean the radical wing striving to discredit the state institutions. We need to remind the people that we are united by the faith aspiring for centuries to progress. Let me also mention that all this vigor creating our history and the real context of which is the aspiration to the progress, is the greatest talent for preservation of eternal values and restoration. The very special fighting soul of our people that helped us to be through the dramatic periods of history during which many empires have perished, and let me note our Georgian intellect, the talent of Georgian people and the main resource for development – I believe that our people, who created the unique masterpieces, including the polyphony, “Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, can further achieve the progress together. But, here we return to the main problem - we need to get united around the national ideas. Let me underline that for 100 upcoming days, I intend to introduce a detailed vision for the 10-year development plan and hope for your support and cooperation”.

After the speech, the candidate answered the questions concerning the domestic and foreign policy, economic, cultural, social and infrastructural issues etc.

M. Mdinaradze summed up the sitting and expressed unanimous support to the candidates.

Deriving from the attitude of our team, we express total support to your vision and to the candidates. And at the end of our sitting, let me affirm that we indeed encountered the situation in the country when the people were exposed to the physical torture and violence. Today, we encounter the psychological violence to the people by telling the lies. I agree that in a proactive manner we need to further implement the projects, including in communication terms and create the agenda by reality. It is one of the important components of our society to eliminate lies from the agenda”.