title Majoritarians 03 Feb 2021

The meeting of Irakli Chikovani with the Ambassador of Turkey

title News 08 Aug 2020

Shota Khabareli and Koba Kobaladze attending the opening ceremony of Badri and...

title Majoritarians 07 Aug 2020

The meeting of Eka Beselia with the Ambassador of the Netherlands

title Georgian Dream - for Powerful ... 18 Jun 2020

Irakli Abuseridze and Levan Davitashvili Visiting Meritorious Pedagogue

title Foreign Relations Committee 26 Aril 2020

Irakli Beraia: the top priority for us is to ensure due care of our citizens,...

title Human Rights and Civil Integra... 10 Aril 2020

Sofo Kiladze visited the beneficiaries of the Nursing Boarding-house in Tbilisi...

title Majoritarians 21 Mar 2020

Kakhaber Okriashvili and Gogi Meshveliani Congratulate Azerbaijani Population...

title Parliamentarians news 09 Mar 2020

Gogi Meshveliani congratulated the former journalist Latavra Djiadze with the...

title Majoritarians 02 Mar 2020

Gogi Meshveliani visited the Infrastructural Projects in his Constituency

title Majoritarians 15 Jan 2020

Draft:კობა კობალაძემ მრავალშვილიან ოჯახებს ძველით ახალი წელი მიულოცა