Deputy Speaker of the Parliament - Biography

Avtandil Enukidze
The Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia

Avtandil Enukidze was born on December 13, 1954.

Since December 2020 – he is a Member of the 10th Term of the Parliament.

Since February 2021 -  he is the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia.

1971-1973 – worked in Tbilisi Leather and Haberdashery Plant as a worker.

1973-1978 – studied in Polytechnical Institute of Georgia, Transport Faculty (Major: Motor Roads specialist).

1978-1980 – worked in Polytechnical Institute of Georgia at the Chair.

1980-1990 – worked in the Regional, City, and Central Party Organizations of Georgia.

1990-2003 – worked at various positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

2003-2020 – worked in the business sector.

Since 2005 – is the Chair of the League of NGO “Bus Terminals and Forwarders”.

He was awarded Order for 10 Years of Irreproachable Service (MIA), Order for 15 Years of Irreproachable Service (MIA).

He is married and has 3 children.