Joint Statement of Political Parties in the Parliament of Georgia on Support for Georgia's Integration into NATO

08 Jun 2021

Joint Statement of Political Parties in the Parliament of Georgia on Support for Georgia's Integration into NATO


We, the following signatory political parties represented in the Parliament of Georgia:

Being guided by the national interests and the Constitution of Georgia;

Conforming to the Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on Foreign Policy of Georgia adopted on December 29, 2020;

Upholding the principles of an international order based on rules;

Fully sharing the values on which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is based;

Considering that the consistent approach of NATO member states to collective defense has ensured a united, free, and peaceful Europe;

Bearing in mind that NATO's open-door policy is a major contributor to the democratic transformation of Central and Eastern Europe;

Taking into account the decision of the 2008 NATO Bucharest Summit on Georgia’s future accession to NATO;

Considering that Georgia has all the effective tools for NATO membership and continues to reinforce its defense capabilities and makes progress towards full congeniality with NATO;

Believing that, through its participation in NATO peacekeeping missions and operations, Georgia has demonstrated that it can simultaneously be a recipient and a significant contributor to Euro-Atlantic security,

We are unanimous in supporting Georgia's membership in NATO and therefore, declare the following:

1. We unanimously assert that NATO membership is a fundamental national security concern of Georgia and is based on undisputed, broad political and public support.

2. We express our gratitude to the Alliance and its Member States for their substantial political and practical support, which enables Georgia to increase its resilience and interoperability with the Alliance, as well as to prepare for NATO membership.

3. We call on NATO and its Member States to continue to work closely with Georgia as the country prepares to pursue ambitious reforms aimed at consolidating democracy, jointly agreed upon by parliamentary political parties, as well as to provide stronger assistance and share the experience in the fight against growing and hybrid threats.

4. We emphasize the importance of deepening cooperation for Black Sea security. The security environment in the wider Black Sea region has deteriorated significantly in recent years. Russia's actions threaten regional security and the democracies of the region. Given the current situation, NATO involvement in the Black Sea region, as an important deterrent and stabilizing factor, is gaining much more importance than before.

5. We hail the ambitious report "NATO 2030: United for a New Era" and hope that the new Strategic Concept of the Alliance will adequately reflect the recommendations of this report on its open-door policy, NATO's vision for the Black Sea and its role in Euro-Atlantic security.

6. We express our common commitment to a stronger NATO that works to protect freedom-loving nations, including Georgia, in peace, democracy and prosperity.

7. We underscore the importance of political decision-making in bringing Georgia closer to membership in the Alliance. The accession of Georgia and other Eastern European countries to NATO will strengthen the security and stability of the Euro-Atlantic area, stop potential aggressors and bring us closer to a "united, free and peaceful Europe".

8. We believe that the NATO Brussels Summit provides an opportunity for Georgia to make progress on its path to NATO integration. As Georgia is not represented at the summit, we appeal to our NATO partners to accept this joint statement of the parliamentary political parties as a clear multi-party support for Georgia's membership in NATO.

9. We express our commitment to employing all available platforms, including international parliamentary assemblies, to promote Georgia's deeper integration and eventual membership in NATO.