The Address to EU Structures on Visa Liberalization

10 Dec 2015

The Parliament supported the draft address on Visa Liberalization to European Parliament, EU Council, European Commission, EU Foreign Relations Service, introduced by the Free Democrats MP, Victor Dolidze. The address provides the most important success of Georgia “Georgia-EU new relations under the Agreement, based on “on the one had on access of Georgia and on the other hand, access of EU and European Nuclear Energy Union and Member states to EUAA”, including the DCFTA”. EU aspiration and integration to EU structures is an intact will of Georgian people and a historical choice. Taking this fact into account, the Parliament shares aspiration of EaP Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw and Prague Summit Declarations.

The author considers that European Commission has scheduled promulgation of the report reflecting progress by Georgia in VLAP implementation in December, 2015, confirms significant progress of Georgia in VLAP implementation and anticipates the positive evaluation by EU.

The Parliament addresses EC to submit the official offer on visa free regime with Georgia and believes that EP and EU will promptly issue approval. The address provides that the Parliament considers the recommendations issued at the first sitting of Georgia-EU Parliamentary Association Committee held on November 3-4, 2015, as well as the productive sittings of Georgia-EU Association Councils and hails the Georgia-EU relation progress, the results of the first year of preliminary enactment of EUAA and all the other successful events, aimed at political association and economic integration. The Parliament expresses gratitude to EU member states Parliaments for timely ratification of EUAA.

The document provides that visa free regime with EU member states will facilitate to welfare and reintegration of the residents of occupied territories – Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions and evidences the productive outcomes of EU partnership and clear benefit of European choice.

The Address also provides call on the Government to further hold informational target campaigns and distribute information about rights and duties related to visa free regime with EU member states. MPs supported the address with 76 votes.