The Parliament of Georgia, in view to prevent wide distribution of the coronavirus, establishes the new regulations for reception of the applications of the citizens and official correspondence

13 Mar 2020

The Parliament establishes the new regulations – the special postal box – to receive the correspondence.

The box is to be open in a safe manner several times a day to deliver the documents to the addressees. The documents may as well be dispatched as follows:

  • By email to: [email protected]  
  • By post at the address: N8, Rustaveli Avenue, 0118, Tbilisi.

Please, contact us at 032 2 28 26 24 for the additional information.

The Parliament of Georgia calls on to abstain from visiting the Parliamentary Palace other than the urgencies to prevent distribution of the coronavirus and to at a maximal extent restrict the direct contact between the people until stabilization of the situation.