The Statement of the Parliament of Georgia


Let us congratulate you with the 25th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between USA and Georgia. We are glad that this date is accompanied with transition of the strategic partnership between our countries to the qualitatively higher level.

We hail particular and increasing dynamics of our cooperation evidenced with intact support of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia in the US Legal Act on Consolidated Budget for 2017 signed by the US President, Donald Trump.

Enhancement of strategic partnership is as well evidenced with USA-Georgia Agreement on Safe Exchange of Information, once again clearly confirming degree of reliability of Georgia for USA. Besides, the agenda includes further enhancement of investment and trade relations between our countries including free trade perspective approved by the US Congress with the Letter of May 2 addressed to the US President which we express our gratitude for on behalf of the Parliament of Georgia.

The bilateral meetings with the high officials of the US executive and legislative agencies held within the visit of the Prime Minister of Georgia to USA with invitation by the US Vice-President, Mike Pence evidence intact support by USA to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, as well as Euro-Atlantic Aspiration, including NATO membership, democratic and economic development, security and stability and underline role of Georgia as of the reliable strategic partner on the international political theatre.

The Parliament of Georgia expresses gratitude to the US Administration, Chamber of Representatives and Senate for unprecedented cooperation and unconditional support.

The Parliament of Georgia values the efforts of the Government and the diplomatic service of Georgia, including the Georgian Embassy to USA for provision of higher quality of strategic partnership with USA!


Chairman of the Parliament,

Irakli Kobakhidze